Last week's Buffet set a Friday Happy Hour franchise record for comments, edging out the Book Club Edition. Let's see what kind of crowd gathers when the topic is ridiculous inventions.

doggie_umbrella.GIFA year ago, David posted about, a repository for America's goofiest patents. Just a fantastic site. My friend Jason Lee "“ not the Jason Lee playing Dave Seville in the new Chipmunks movie, with whom I'm not close "“ sent me this link again yesterday. I like the Doggie Umbrella, complete with air holes (patent issued in 1992), though Bailey would not tolerate such confinement.

A few possible areas for conversation:

1. What's the craziest invention you've ever seen?
(The dog-shaped vacuum certainly makes my short list.)

2. What hasn't been invented yet but should?
(I think Bluetooth Earmuffs would be fun while preventing frostbite.)

3. How do you feel about a live-action Alvin & The Chipmunks movie?
(I need some convincing.)

I've said enough. Go ahead and chat it up.