HELP!!! (you could get your name printed in our magazine)

Mangesh Hattikudur

mental_floss is running a feature on election topics that we (as a staff) pretend to know about, but really don't. Our first piece is going to be on immigration, and we're looking to you guys for help. Some of the things we'll be asking and looking into  are:

  • The historical roots of immigration in the U.S.
  • Where immigrants to the U.S. come from, who they are and why they're here.
  • Who's footing the bill, how big is the bill, and who's really profiting from them.
  • What's been done and is being done to stem the flow and improve border security.

But the thing is we need your help. What are the big questions you have about Immigration, and want to see answered in an objective, unbiased way? If we use your question, you'll get a special thanks printed up in the next issue of the magazine.