Friday Happy Hour

Jason English

I'm traveling today, which means this Friday Happy Hour was definitely the most hastily thrown together of the series. But good parties don't necessarily require great planning. We'll see how it goes.

Today's topic is multiple email accounts. While trying to get back in touch with an old friend, I sent several emails to what I thought was his address. No Fatal Errors came back telling me this account didn't exist. So, I rightfully assumed he was ducking me. The jerk.

email.jpg /

"¢ Hotmail. I signed up for a Hotmail account just as my college address expired. After a year, my spam-to-email ratio was roughly 3:1. I moved on, but keep the address for emails I don't really want to receive. If you ask for my email address and get this one, you should rightfully be offended.

"¢ Yahoo! Mail. This is my primary address. I have years of my life in my Yahoo! Mail archive. If you comment on this post, that comment is sent to this address. (Fascinating, I know.)

"¢ Gmail. I've got Gmail, but I don't care for their lumping together of emails by "conversation." Some threads are like 80 messages long. I can't scroll through all that. But if Google is taking over the world, I want to be on the right side.

I have three other work email addresses, including, plus an forwarding address. But let's hear from you guys. How do you measure up to this faux national average? How many email addresses do you maintain? And, you know, why?