The Ugliest Cars

Miss Cellania

Business Week reports on a survey done by Hagerty Insurance that ranks the worst car designs ever. Here are the results:

1. AMC Pacer
2. Yugo
3. Ford Pinto
4. Pontiac Aztec
5. Chevrolet Vega
6. AMC Gremlin
7. Chevrolet Corvair
8. AMC Matador
9. Ford Edsel
10. Chevrolet Chevette

I don't know exactly how this survey was conducted, but it looks like the 2,500 respondents thought of the ugliest car from their own past. In the past couple of years, I've seen some very ugly newer model cars, but the names didn't adhere to my memory banks. This list also has only one non-American model. Where's the Skoda? The Tatra? The Volkswagen Thing? To get on this list, a car had to sell enough units to be widely seen and remembered. Do you agree with the results? Do you have any other suggestions? If you can't think of any uglier cars, the Fark thread that accompanied this article has plenty, with photographic evidence.