It wasn't long ago that we reported on a flurry of overtly political kids books -- like Help! There's a Liberal Under My Bed! and Why Mommy is a Democrat (because "Democrats always share their toys") -- which more or less used our spawn as canon fodder in the current culture wars. Now there's an even more insidious (and hilarious) kiddie publishing trend afoot: deeply ironic, tongue-firmly-in-cheek coloring and activity books, the true meaning of which is certainly lost on the very young. For instance, the Pat Robertson and Friends Coloring Book (pictured above, already colored in by artist Josh Neufeld), in which the titular pastor cavorts with Teletubbies, exhorts God to pack the Supreme Court with conservatives, and so on. (By now, the elementary school set is already thinking "adults are insane, I hope I never grow up!") Well, there's more to come, Junior ... read on!

The Gangsta Rap Coloring Book
Featuring kingly portraits of slain emcees like Tupac and B.I.G. Entourages of scantily clad ladies are notably absent, however (what gives?) -- a possible (and rare) concession to Concerned Parents Everywhere.

The George W. Bush Coloring Book
Remember back in 2001 when Will Ferrell stopped doing his George W. Bush impression on SNL because it suddenly seemed inappropriate? Those days are long gone, friends -- witness Comedy Central shows like Lil' Bush -- and this coloring book. (Does Crayola make a color for "hubris"?)

The Heavy Metal Fun Time Activity Book
Is this an activity book or a history lesson? After all, what kid is going to know their Judas Priest from their Iron Maiden?