Square America

Chris Higgins

I'm fascinated by vintage photos, occasionally buying a few and wondering at the stories behind them. Growing up in southwest Florida I frequented a variety of thrift shops, each of which contained piles of old family photos and Super-8 movies, often with tantalizing words written on the reels: BAHAMAS, ALASKA, WATERFALL, and so on.

Enter Square America, "a gallery of vintage snapshots & vernacular photography." The site is an online museum of photographs from the first three-quarters of the twentieth century, collected from flea markets and eBay. I bet the curator would enjoy the junk shop down the street from me with several filing cabinets crammed full of old photos, labeled: Instant Friends & Family; Instant Vacation; Instant Childhood.

Square American has a bunch of exhibits up, including The Menagerie, Catch of the Day, and the eponymous Square America. Here are some photos from that last one, which features square-negative photos:

Square America - 2
Square America - 2 /
Square America - 3
Square America - 3 /
Square America - 4
Square America - 4 /

Link via Your Daily Awesome.