Not tennis: the best cities for singles


Thank you, Forbes, for your annual reports on the state of the "singles" nation; the 2007 edition is here! If you want to skip the methodology until you're ready to write a defense or indictment of your city, here are the top ten "Best Cities For Singles" (many more cited in the full report):

The Rankings

1. San Francisco-Oakland
2. New York
3. Los Angeles
4. Atlanta
5. Chicago
6. Washington
7. San Diego
8. Seattle
9. Dallas-Fort Worth
10. Philadelphia

I have to say: I buy that the top two are cities that feature ubiquitous and generally reliable mass transit, but LA being number three seems...forced? I mean, the inability to drive one's self to/from venues with ease is probably responsible for turning a lot of potential non-singles into functional agoraphobics, but is that really for the "best"?

Not to exclude all non-LA dwellers, but the field work I've done/witnessed others do seems to beg otherwise. Perhaps they meant the best cities to absolutely make sure you stay single? Cities in which you're completely bludgeoned with options and too enmeshed in the pyrotechnics of urban life to make adjustments to your "single" status? Please feel free to degenerate into a free-for-all if you feel passionately about the protection or advancement of "singles" agendas in your city...