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Friday Happy Hour: Labor Day Buffet

Jason English

Let's kick off the holiday weekend with a buffet edition of our Friday series. Answer only the questions you find appetizing.

"¢ In honor of Labor Day, who was your all-time worst co-worker?

"¢ In honor of Labor Day, but a little less negative, what was your all-time favorite job?

"¢ What's the strangest domain name you ever registered? I'm stealing this question from my friend Noah Brier, who has covered this topic before. Last year, the winner of our fantasy football league was given the rights to (I'll let him explain.) Top that.

jobachamberlain.jpg /

"¢ If you were tasked with starting a Hall of Fame for something currently lacking such a shrine, what would it be? And who/what would be your first induction?

"¢ What's a good nickname for Yankee phenom Joba Chamberlain? ("The Hut" will not be accepted.)

Enjoy the long weekend!