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Tuesday Turnip: Safe-T-Man!

David K. Israel
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Anyone else remember this inflatable man from the 90s who used to be a staple in those in-flight Hammacher-Schlemmer-esque catalogs? You could put him in the passenger seat of a car (and drive in the HOV lane?) or stick him in your living room window so would-be thieves would think someone was home.

The ad used to go something like this: This unique security product looks incredibly real, with moveable latex head and hands, and air-brushed facial highlights. (They'd also give you the option of accessorizing with the optional button-on legs.)

According to the following, which turned-up in the Turnip search, Safe-T-Man is only available wholesale now. Lots of Web pages with people looking for one, though. So if you have bought one back in the day, you stand to make some serious $$.