I don't bike, but I might if I didn't live in LA. I've just known too many people injured while pedaling across town, or even in their own neighborhoods. Capering around town as a pedestrian here feels subversive enough, and until my encounters with crosswalks improve (in CA it's illegal to keep driving if a pedestrian has just one foot on a crosswalk--thank you, all my friends who've lived to tell from Traffic School), I'm just not getting on a bike. Once I'm in Europe, then I'll bike, and I'll probably buy some of these sweet Danish bike lights, battery-free and powered by magnets built into the spokes. Reelight, the company that manufactures these lights, reported that accidents decreased by 40% when cyclists used bike lights. Daytime Running Light regulations for automobiles haven't fared so well in the US, but they've been embraced in other parts of the world, including Scandinavia and Canada. DRLs have their detractors, though, and of course their blanket use would burn more gas. Anyone have a theory about the necessity or perils of illuminated travel?