Bus ads are big business in LA: "wrap" ads, as they call them, often cover every available inch of surface save the windshield. But I've yet to see anything quite as fun on a bus side as the following innovative ads, courtesy inventorspot. Read on as we explore how the coolest advertisements are hitching a ride on the least cool form of transportation.

Japanese Canon Bus Ad

How cool is that? I'd buy a camera with a spinning lens.

McDonald's SkateBus

Makes me glad it's just his feet: a 200-foot Ronald McDonald skateboarding down the street would be give me a lot more than a Big Mac attack.

National Geographic Shark Attack Bus

Land Shark hates bus-riders! This ad makes me want to watch sharks on TV -- it does not make me want to climb aboard that bus.

"Just in one bite!"

Maybe they didn't think this one out completely. Sure, it looks like he's eating the candy bar when the bus doors open, but when they close ...


Aww, the buses are in love.