I've been thinking about lycanthropy--maybe because we're just that much closer to Halloween, maybe because the "Back to the Future" ride is closing down (I just can't choose between McFly and Teen Wolf), or maybe it's because of all the traction that Sea Wolf song is getting (though my friends Hang the Lights romanced the topic quite beautifully first). It's been conjectured that the ergot in people's rye bread was responsible for episodes of clinical lycanthropy, which continues to be treated today, right along other body dysmorphic disorders (like BIID). A Wisconsin man acted out under this delusion earlier this year. And plucked from the annals of feral children tales: a boy sheltered by the wild dogs of Transylvania, an Uzbeki boy living in the wild for eight years, and of course "The Wolf Girls of Midnapore." I have to say, if I were banished to the wild, I'd absolutely prefer to be raised by wolves. Or at least huskies. Or even--after viewing this clip--water buffalo. Anybody else?