Last year the Reason Foundation published a study arguing that drinkers earn more than non-drinkers (stressing that drinkers "who tipped a glass at home" earned less--and probably cried and Googled exes more?--than drinkers who jousted for social capital at functions). I wonder if that's doubly so in America's Drunkest Cities. Other studies have shown that smokers earn less than non-smokers--MSN says 4-11% less. But regardless of your vices, it seems that twenty-something women living in major U.S. cities "like Chicago, Boston, Minneapolis, Dallas and New York" earn more working full-time than men in the same age bracket (the trend doesn't continue into their 30s), and finally: "Top Execs Earn More in A Day than Average Workers Do in A Year." And if you're one of the children of million/billionaires set to inherit $30 trillion between 2002 and 2052, the LA Times hints you might benefit from a wealth-education camp.