Advanced Tetris Gameplay

Chris Higgins

We've covered Tetris Shelving and Tetris Shower Stalls, but I think it's time to share some hardcore Tetris knowledge and killer gameplay.

The only resource you need is, which has a Tetris wiki containing a series of insanely technical articles about Tetris strategy, including: general technique, non-overstacking construction (also known as the thing I can never do right), the elusive zangi-move, and the nearly mind-blowing article on tactical rotation. Or perhaps you just want to play forever? It can be done. (Depending on how loosely you define "forever.")

I have to admit -- I'm mediocre at best at Tetris. Seeing all this material online makes me think that perhaps after years of study, I might master it...but I probably have better things to do. So what does a top-level Tetris game look like? I found the following video via the always-enjoyable Anarchaia. It starts out "pretty fast" and gets "crazy fast" around three minutes in. Towards the end (a bit past five minutes), the player enters some sort of invisible mode, where the stack of pieces (sorry, tetrominoes) is invisible. Invisible, I'm saying. And this player ("TGM HOLiC aka Jin8") still totally rocks it. Check it out, if you dare:

If that last video hasn't caused some kind of Tetris-induced panic attack or organ failure, you'll probably like this one.