HELP!!! (That third exclamation point means we're desperate)

Mangesh Hattikudur

mental_floss is running a feature on election topics that we (as a staff) pretend to know about, but really don't. We've already got a terrific piece on immigration in the can, but for our second piece we're tackling the Health Care industry. Some of the things we'll be asking and looking into  are:

- They say that doctors hate HMOs. But why? (Especially when hate's such a strong word.) How do these programs affect physicians/hospitals and how they're compensated? Does a physician get paid differently if he's treating someone in an HMO program? - Are the advantages of a private healthcare plan really that great? - What role do the drug companies play in all of this? Do they have a stake in what kind of healthcare plan I have? - How does the American healthcare system compare to those of other countries? Is there a better model we can follow?

So, that's where we're starting from, but the thing is we need your help. What are the big questions you have about Health Care, and want to see answered in an objective, unbiased way? If we use your question, you'll get a special thanks printed up in the next issue of the magazine. Thanks in advance!