The Victors, The Spoils


We've named three of the four winners of last week's "Take Survey, Win Shirt" contest. Congrats to Cathy Earnhart (respondent #50), Chris Wood (respondent #250) and Roger Mullins. As someone who always travels with way too much crap, I thought Roger's fact was most fascinating:

"A tenth-century Grand Vizier of Persia, Abdul Kassem Ismael, never left home without his personal library of over 100,000 volumes. It reportedly required 400 camels to achieve this feat, all of whom were trained to follow in alphabetical order so that the Vizier's catalogue remained intact."

Still waiting to hear from our #1 survey filler-outer. If I don't hear back today, we'll come up with another win-a-free-t-shirt challenge tomorrow.

And as always, if you'd rather just buy a shirt, you can do that in our store.