September 18, 2007

Miss Cellania

Kenadie Jourdin-Bromley is four years old and weighs a scant ten pounds. She is a rare primordial dwarf. Her little younger brother weighs three times as much.

Some easy math shortcuts everyone should know. I have come to realize that you can't really understand math until you've tried to explain it to someone.

Jotting down the weather in your journal or blog may be boring now, but useful in a few hundred years. Medieval diaries are now giving us clues to how much the climate has really changed.

See how the cover of OJ's book "If I Did It" has been changed. Last month, rights to the book's profits were transferred to the Goldman family, who added a commentary titled "He did it".

People call 911 with problems that don't need police help. Some of them, however, might benefit from psychiatric help!