Keyboard + Dishwasher = It Works!

Chris Higgins

Michele at Coudal Partners kept hearing about people cleaning their computer keyboards in dishwashers, so she decided to try an experiment -- she popped the keys off her Apple keyboard and washed it. Documenting the experience in a short film called Shift Option Rinse, Michele found that it worked! Except somehow the F10 and F11 keys disappeared...oh well.

Computer keyboard manufacturers don't recommend the dishwasher treatment, though in my one attempt (an Apple Extended Keyboard II), it worked like a charm. I've even seen motherboards and other computer components go through the dishwasher, though that was a decade ago -- perhaps things were simpler then. Anyway, my personal tips: use the lightest cycle your dishwasher has, don't use soap, and do let the keyboard dry out for a long time (say, up to a week) before using it again. Also, popping the keys off is optional.

Learn more via this NPR story, a detailed Boing Boing post, and of course Michele's Shift Option Rinse (featuring the CP RinseCam 9000™).

So have any of you tried the dishwasher treatment?