Plants you can cheer for, and those who cheer for you


My theme for this week started out as hair, but for today's post it seemed almost impossible not to extend this theme to include something that wants so badly to be considered hair--that signature houseplant/talisman of the 80s: the Chia Pet. And rather than embark on an abridged tour of Chia-dom, I'm going to share a little about my favorite Chia, and it's actually called the Chiaffalo. Oh, yes, that's a hybrid of exactly what you're thinking...In the words of its personal site:

The Chiaffalo is the end result of a grassroots movement to create the World's Largest Chia Pet out of Jamestown, North Dakota's "˜Worlds Largest Buffalo'.

Any North Dakotans or trespassers seen this? Okay. So there's a plant you can support. And now for the one that supports you: The Message Plant.

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I found this on popgadget, which stresses it's for women...Alright, so I suppose it's assumed men don't need this kind of engineered reinforcement? But it's so earnest!