Listening to One Song on Repeat


Steve Delahoyde of Coudal Partners has posted 238 Miles, a short film about his weekly journey from Iowa City to Chicago. As an experiment, Steve decided to listen to a single song, on repeat, during the whole trip. The rules: he had to continue listening to the song at all times, he was only allowed to stop for gas or restroom facilities, and he had to document the experience. So what song did he pick? "Dancing Queen" by ABBA. Oh, let the fun begin.

Starting the drive, things seemed fine. Steve nodded his head along with the tune for an hour and a half, then things started going bad. By three hours into the drive, Steve had already broken a rule: he stopped to get lunch, and turned off the song. But sure enough, he started it back up and kept driving. About four hours into the drive comes my favorite part, where the song stops and Steve says: "I find myself really longing for this section when the song ends and when it starts again -- there's about, like, a ten-second gap where there's no sound, and then there's that piano part that comes in and ruins everything again. [Song starts.] Right there."

I highly recommend you watch Steve's short film, 238 Miles. It's a quick journey through his day-long ordeal. Somehow, it makes me really want to try the same thing -- though probably not with ABBA.

So here's my question: what's the longest you've ever listened to a single song on repeat? For me, it's probably the time I listened to Maria Taylor's Song Beneath the Song for an entire four-hour plane flight -- iTunes tells me I've listened to it 313 times. (I'll admit, I slept through most of the flight.)