What Will You Find For A T-Shirt?

Jason English

A while back, mental_floss research editor Sandy Wood stumbled across our first ten issues for sale on eBay. $191.48 sounds pricy, but we've long since sold out many of those.

There must be other _flossy stuff for sale on eBay that wasn't published by us. Which brings me to today's t-shirt challenge. To win, you must find the most quirky, smart, funny, ironic "“ or any other adjective that roughly translates to "cool" "“ thing on eBay. Rare books, mind-blowing inventions, forgotten fads, Thundercats memorabilia, whatever.

Here's what you're playing for:

First Place: The mental_floss t-shirt of your choice.
Second Place: One (in-stock) back issue.

Here's how you play:

1. Browse around eBay.
2. Find something prize-worthy.
3. Leave a comment with a description, why you should win, and the Item Number (found in the upper right hand corner)

You have 24 hours. I'll post pics of selected reader suggestions tonight, provided there are suggestions to post. Get rummaging.