Higgins has been on fire lately. First he sparked an engrossing conversation about which authors inspired you to read all their books. Then he asked what song you've listened to the longest, on repeat. These posts will make our greatest hits album.

BackToTheFuture.jpgLet's borrow from his bag of tricks and talk about movies. I had a decent VHS collection before the proliferation of DVDs, which came during my college years. Movies I've owned in both formats include the Back to the Future trilogy, Animal House and Tommy Boy. (My wife has replaced some higher-brow titles. And since the advent of Netflix, we don't buy many DVDs.)

Today's topic is this: which movies did you feel the need to re-own on DVD? And, as a follow-up, is there any film you've owned in any three formats? VHS, DVD, Blu-ray, HD DVD or Laserdisc. Or any formats I may be leaving out.

Go on. Chat it up.