Great news for, well, pretty much everyone with a web browser -- two archives are now available for free via the web. The first is from The New York Times, which has dropped its TimesSelect subscription program, making large parts of its online archive available for free. There are still some portions of the archive that require payment (for example, you'll have to pay for "some material from the period 1923 to 1986"), but this move unlocks a huge archive of stories, columns, and historically relevant information.

To begin exploring free content from The New York Times, check out their Rediscover Former TimesSelect Content and Tools page (tip: click 'skip this ad' in the upper right) or just hit the Archive Search. For a guided tour, check out Jason Kottke's Gems from the archive of the New York Times article, and be sure to read the First NY Times restaurant review, circa 1859? Newly-free content from The New York Times will also likely make the links in Jason's The First Time News Was Fit to Print column a bit more accessible...if they fall inside the window of free content.

Balcony ArchiveNext up is The Balcony Archive, which collects video review of over 5,000 movies reviewed by Roger Ebert, Gene Siskel, and Richard Roeper. This represents the complete archive of the team's movie reviews since 1986! It's great fun looking up movies from the past few decades...see the original reviews of Police Academy 6, Die Hard, Like Water for Chocolate, The Wedding Singer -- anyway, you get the picture.

Got a favorite article or movie review from one of these archives? Post the title in the comments! (Links via