The Envelope Please

Jason English

I'm here to announce the winners of yesterday's eBay scavenger hunt, "What Will You Find For A T-Shirt?"

First of all, give yourselves a round of applause. Great response, in quality and quantity. Picking winners was incredibly hard; I wish I could give you all free t-shirts and back issues. But that's why I'm not allowed near the order fulfillment center.

The first runner-up, and winner of the mental_floss back issue of her choice, is Heather. It may not look like much, but this M.C. Hammer snap bracelet takes me right back to a time when we wore snap bracelets and listened to "U Can't Touch This" on repeat. Extra points were awarded for the seller description: "Hammer pants and attitude not included."

And the winner is...

Beethoven.JPG /

Stay tuned for a post on the most famous celebrity hair.

beethoven3.jpg /

We'll do this again soon.