A hairy finale: pigs, a lovely neo-Itt, and hair poachers


You've gotta love the Cellar Image of the Day...And I think it's nothing but synchronicity that today's is: curly-haired pigs. And this just sounds like something out of a Sam Shepard play (and echoes a few of the comments from yesterday): while riding a bus in Jakarta, a woman's ponytail is snipped off.

Nuryamah, 35, felt a tug on the back of her head as she took a mid-morning ride in Jakarta on Monday (local time) and realised a thief had cut off 40 centimetres of her lengthy locks, the Jakarta Post reported. "It took me six years to grow this," she sobbed to police as she filed a report to them, according to the daily. A nearby officer nabbed the culprit, Agus Setiawan, who told police he had intended to use the ponytail to make key chains.

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"Ember's Dream" is about Ember wanting to be like the Rainbow Ponies. She coveted their beauty and had a dream that a man would come and steal their lovely locks (for personal profit). She warned them, they didn't listen, and Ember's dream came to life. The Rainbow Ponies had short hair for awhile.