September 24, 2007

Miss Cellania

MTV has gone web 2.0 with an online community named Think. You can play with it as soon as you've updated your profile on Facebook, MySpace, Friendster, Twitter, etc etc etc.

College students: Don't be too hard on yourself -your friends aren't having a lot of sex, either. Parents, relax. College has changed since you attended.

The 100 best foreign films, as determined by votes. Judging from the few of these I've seen, this is a good collection. I need to get NetFlix.

What do you mean, unemployable? Inked, Inc. has profiles of heavily tattooed doctors, lawyers, professors, etc. You never know what can be under those sleeves!

Donkey Kong in real life is a whole lot harder than the video game. Jumping barrels and dodging cannonballs is only fun if you're watching someone else do it!