September 25, 2007

Miss Cellania

The longest non-stop flight ever measured. Yes, it was a bird! A bar-tailed godwit flew 7,145 miles from Alaska to New Zealand—without taking a break for food or drink.

Salmonella germs taken to space come back deadlier. Anyone with a malfunctioning refrigerator can tell you they become deadlier over time on earth, too.

Ten full-length classic movies available online, ranging from the chilling Nosferatu to the heartwarming It's A Wonderful Life. All worth watching!

12 examples of Smart Furniture. Cool or creepy? The glowing tablecloth is nice, but the bench that fights with you is tres creepy.

Conan O`Brien takes a tour of ILM/Lucas Films to see how movie magic is made. The jokes are funny, but Conan's pure joy makes this segment a classic.