6 Unexpected Uses For Animal Dung


Get excited! From fertilizer to fuel to flaming baggies on doorsteps, you probably know all the standard uses for dung. But apparently there's a whole world of crap you don't know. The following are 6 unexpected ways to make the most of animal dung.

1. Crocs and Birth Control

In 2000 BC, Egyptian physicians recommended using pessaries of crocodile dung as a spermicide. While this ancient birth control method is no doubt unavailable at your local pharmacy, you can probably ask your local crocodile to provide it under the table.

2. Elephants and Paper Products

elephant.jpg /

As for the process, papermakers boil the fibers for sterilization before spinning and framing them into paper. Of course, elephants aren't the only ones getting into the stationery business. In Thailand, Panda Poop Paper is also quite popular, and the Welsh company Sheep Poo Paper has also managed to make paper from, you guessed it, sheep dung.

Got stockpiles of llama, bat, moose or flying squirrel droppings? Read on...

3. Llamas to Fight Pollution

llamas.jpg /

4. Bats to Fight Wars

batcave1.jpg /

5. Moose Droppings for Tourists

moosepoopearrings.jpg /

6. Flying Squirrel Cures

flyingsquirrel.jpg /

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