Dressing Up The Set

Jason English

As soon as we hang the whiteboard, Mangesh and I will be all moved in. I'm writing today from the new, semi-permanent mental_floss New York headquarters. OK, headquarters might overstate the space. But there are desks and cabinets, plus fridge access and a vigilant network of security cameras.

Our quest for stationery led me to email the creative gurus at Behance, a company whose mission is to increase creative productivity. (They also make nice notebooks and pads.) Scott invited me over for a quick tour and some free stuff. He also told me about the new Behance Network, where designers and illustrators and otherwise creative people can upload their portfolios, collaborate on projects, and look for jobs. A good place to browse, find work or find workers.

The lesson here, of course, is that we're always in the market for free cool stuff. As we continue to dress up the set, let us know if you've got something we need on our walls.