Garage bands


Since my foreign garage sale correspondents are still filing their reports, wouldn't you know I'd find another way to talk about garages. Specifically, the garage band. I'd love to be able to say I formed one in the 90s and that it enjoyed a small, jealous, following of anarchists...

But no. I was never in a band, though I did learn early on that the way to a confused teenage boy's heart, or at least ego, was by being a groupie. So I sat there in a group of other young hopefuls, drinking suicide slushies and distressing the hems of our jeans with Exacto knives while blithely incurring noise-induced hearing loss. And for some reason rehearsals were never in garages--ranches were falling out of fashion, and parents didn't seem to mind noise parties in their moldy basements. Ultimately, I was a bad groupie--I never learned how to sell "merch" and I never carried Preparation H to soothe the bands collective calluses (seriously--the stuff works).

But when I talk to people today, it seems they were either one or the other: groupie or band member. But could you ever properly be both? Regardless, I love hearing the names of bands people used to be in, or bands they've roadied (or bands they wish would've asked), so share the love if this includes you.