Writers' Favorite Fonts

Chris Higgins

Following up on yesterday's post about how you learned to type, I stumbled across a Slate article called My Favorite Font, which surveys various authors about what font they use to compose new works. According to this article, font preference seems very tied to how the author learned to write -- those who started on typewriters seem to prefer Courier fonts (which I abhor), and those who started on computers seem to prefer Times or various other serif fonts (now that's more like it).

We've covered your favorite fonts before. But I have to admit, I don't think I have a favorite font. I like Futura just fine, but that may just be Kubrick/Wes Anderson fanboyism (or moon plaque worship). I'm partial to Gill Sans lately, which is used in a lot of my company's promotional literature. And looking at the Slate article, I think Hoefler Text is pretty nice. So while I have vaguely warm feelings for many fonts, I can definitely tell you some fonts I hate: Courier (sorry, everybody who seems to love it), Comic Sans, Impact, and Skia.

Read Slate's My Favorite Font for more on writers' favorite fonts. Also check out this bonus link from the newly-free New York Times: Douglas Coupland Luvs Helvetica. And if you have a least-favorite font, don't give in to hate (because that leads to the Dark Side)...but please do share in the comments.