Ridiculous Board Games! (Win yourself a t-shirt already)

Jason English

We're going to use the whiteboard hanging in our office "“ OK, leaning against our cubicle wall "“ to give away some t-shirts. We were planning to simply ask you to guess a number between 1 and 100. But that neglects to highlight Mangesh's artistic prowess. So let's do this instead:

1. Mangesh will draw one nation's flag in dry erase marker.
2. You will take a wild guess as to which country's flag he's drawn. (You will not get to see the artist's rendering, making your guess all the more wild.)
3. The first person to correctly identify the country wins a t-shirt.
(4. We come up with a second whiteboard game.)

Before we start, a couple of rules:
a) 3 guesses per person, but they must be in separate comments.
b) Comments don't appear on the site until we moderate them. But we'll be able to tell who was the first successful guesser.

And here's what you're playing for: the t-shirt of your choosing, courtesy of the mental_floss store:

fiveshirts.jpg /

Update: We have a winner. Round two begins shortly.