12 College Classes We Wish Our Schools Had Offered

Stacy Conradt

I took a course last semester called "Research Methods and Theory." It was as exciting as it sounds. I would much rather have been taking one of these 12 classes. From pop culture to maple syrup, these aren't your average lectures.

1. The Horror Film in Context (Bowdoin)

With Halloween approaching, you will probably soon discover my love of scary movies "“ especially bad ones (Chopping Mall, anyone?) That's why I wish Bowdoin's course "The Horror Film in Context" was offered as a graduate class at Iowa State. It's not about the psyche of Freddy and Jason, however "“ students taking the class can expect to discuss why society is infatuated with horror movies and death in general.

2. Simpsons and Philosophy (Cal-Berkeley)

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3. Maple Syrup "“ The Real Thing (Alfred)

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4. The Science of Harry Potter (Frostburg State)

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5. Oprah Winfrey "“ The Tycoon (U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

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6. Far Side Entomology (Oregon State)

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7. History of Electronic Dance Music (UCLA)

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8. The Future is Lost: TV Series as Cultural Phenomenon (Tufts)

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9. Goldberg's Canon: Makin' Whoopi (Bates)

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10. Muppet Magic: Jim Henson's Art (UC-Santa Cruz)

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11. Getting Dressed (Princeton)

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12. Biblical Model for Home and Family (Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary)

A real controversy exists around the "Biblical Model for Home and Family" course at the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. The class, for females only, teaches cooking, sewing, and says that wives should submit graciously to their husbands. OK, what I said at the beginning of this article was wrong: I'd much rather sit through "Research Methods and Theory" than learn how to "submit graciously."

So, what's the craziest class you've ever taken?

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