Our very first Caption Contest!

David K. Israel

Calling all creative would-be gag writers in the house! We're starting a new feature today that I'm hoping you're all going to enjoy: the mental_floss Caption Contest. The idea is pretty simple: Every couple weeks or so, we'll be featuring a single-panel cartoon by a different artist -- something created especially for us. Your job is to come up with a gag! Make us smile, make us laugh, extra-points for those who are able to drop some interesting fact or trivia in the gag.

We'll narrow down the entries to our favorite three and then let YOU guys pick the winner, who will receive a t-shirt from our store and serious bragging rights.

Today's cartoon was created by director/animator Liz Blazer and just so happens to feature two _floss bloggers. So go ahead and get crackin'. Put some funny words in Jason's mouth and win a t-shirt! If you need some inspiration, check out the brilliant gags over at cartoonbank.com. (Oh, and remember, if you want to win, keep it clean, please!)

"Your brilliant caption goes here!" (Click the cartoon to enlarge it)