Crimes of the Hamburglar


(also a stunt double who paints religious murals--the one pictured is a piece he co-created for a Milwaukee church in 1986). There have been complaints that an icon like Hamburglar isn't positive for kids, but he's been infantilized over the years so that his penchant is, I suppose, forgivable; however, here are some hamburger-related crimes that weren't laughed off:

  • In 2004 a 6-ft Hamburglar statue was stolen right out of a McDonald's
  • Just last month a Georgia police officer was served a hamburger he considered "too salty" & consequently arrested the 20 year-old McDonald's employee for misdemeanor reckless conduct
  • Ok--this one isn't a crime, but I don't think this woman wants to hear that--she called 911 over a dispute with her Burger King order; classic. From the dispatcher (poor thing): "No ma'am, I'm not sending the deputies down there over a cheeseburger."