You Know What Time It Is...


...OK, you probably don't. We've only done this two times before. Let me explain.

This is our whiteboard. It really ties the cube together. Plus it serves as a great canvas for t-shirt giveaways. This morning, Mangesh and I chose a city, which he has artfully depicted in Dry Erase marker. Your task is to guess the city.

Here are the rules, which have been tweaked slightly since last week:

1) You may guess four times, but all four guesses must be in separate comments.
2) Along with your guess, tell us which t-shirt you'd like if you win (look below or browse our store).
3) Comments don't appear on the site until we moderate them. But we'll be able to tell who was the first successful guesser.

If nobody's guessed correctly by tonight, I'll give a few hints.

Get guessing. Good luck. Since this is a crazy game of chance, good luck is important.

fiveshirts.jpg /

UPDATE (Saturday, 12:04am): 374 incorrect guesses later, I'll give you a hint: The city is not in the United States. Hope that helps.

UPDATE #2 (Saturday, 10:48pm): The number of incorrect guesses is now 501. Another hint: The city is in North America, and has between 500,000 and 600,000 residents, if Wikipedia is to be trusted (we didn't count heads). Oh, and everyone gets four more guesses.

UPDATE #3 (Saturday, 11:22pm): Wow, that was quick. We have a winner! Congratulations to Kitty and Quebec City. I will post the winning artwork tomorrow morning.