Crazy racist commercials

Ransom Riggs

It's just plain jaw-dropping what you can find on YouTube these days. In this case, while looking for outtakes of the brilliant parody commercials from the old Dudley Moore classic Crazy People (love that flick!) I accidentally unearthed a big steaming pile of racially insensitive ads I'm sure TV broadcasters would rather forget they ever aired. But the internet doesn't forget, friends. I wanted to share what I found, and hopefully I won't ruffle too many feathers while doing it. Some of these will make you feel pretty uncomfortable -- and are potentially NSFW -- while others are parodies meant to be taken lightly. All, however, are cringe-inducing.

SONY: "Caucasians are gangly"
The clip that started it all, this is a parody ad from the movie Crazy People.

A pretty unambiguously racist ad from the 60s, starring a Chinese baby who learns he can't eat Jell-o with chopsticks. Also featuring the voice of TV's most bigoted narrator!

WHIT Radio
A parody spot from Collegehumor. I guess racists love Spin Doctors?

A study in racial stereotypes from an Australian fast food joint. Not racist but also cringeworthy is the white guy's haircut.

It seems Japanese tourists get a bad rap everywhere -- especially, if this stunningly insensitive commercial is any indication, in India.

WING TAXI: chicken so good you'll slap your momma?
This one's just a gut feeling. Why does the kid slap his mother in the face? Even if it's not racist, it's just ain't right!

VOLKSWAGON: Suicide bomber
This makes me want to wash my eyeballs. What moron thought this would help VW sell cars?

COLT 45: The cowboy's choice?
Something about this raw footage from a 1960s Colt 45 beer commercial -- perhaps the cowboy outfit, or the way the actor seems like he'd rather be doing anything else -- makes me acutely uncomfortable.

OVALTINA: cannibals and missionaries
Monkeys scream in the background as the white maid saves a missionary from cannibals in the jungle. None too subtle.

The washing powder that turns your slobby white lover into a buff black dude. Some people will find this offensive, and zero people (at least those of us who don't speak Italian) will understand what the product they're trying to sell actually does. Pointless? Si!.