Friday Happy Hour: Inheritances

Jason English
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Have you or your friends ever inherited anything worth talking about? I don't just mean lots of money (but feel free to brag) "“ I'd rather hear about the quirkier stuff, like Desert Storm trading cards or Confederate textbooks.

Before we get this party started, a few notable wills, from

"¢ "Economist Jeremy Bentham left a large fortune to the University College in London on condition that his preserved corpse annually "attend" the board of directors' meetings. For many years he was recorded as 'present but not voting.'"

"¢ "Playwright George Bernard Shaw bequeathed millions to whomever could come up with a better alphabet. He insisted it have at least 40 'letters' that could be used to write the English language without the oddities we deal with thanks to the 26-letter alphabet."

"¢ "Ruth Lilly, an amateur poet and billionaire heiress, bequeathed $100 million to an ailing poetry magazine that repeatedly rejected her work. The 87-year-old submitted her poems in the 1970s to Poetry, the Chicago literary monthly. The editor thought them unsuitable for publication and returned them with a handwritten note."

"¢ "Lawyer Charles Millar willed most of his $1 million fortune to the woman who produced the most babies in Toronto, within 10 years following his death. But his mischievous didn't stop there. Millar bequeathed shares in a jockey club to two men who were well-known for their opposition to racetrack betting, and left shares in a brewery to every Protestant minister in Toronto."

Get mingling...