This is why I take the bus.


The money's on sale! You can't afford not to withdraw some.


Every newsstand edition of Family Circle features an article called "Walk Off More Weight" or "Walk Your Way Thin" (or something very similar). It's uncanny. Check it out when you're buying groceries next month. Think it's the same article, month after month? (I took this photo after walking myself winded. I stopped for seltzer on the way to work.)

This was taken in Port Authority Bus Terminal. Not sure what trends they're purportedly setting.


Is anyone comforted by this? Does it scare off the prospective employee who doesn't test well?


Who knew? Who voted?


This is the building where our desks are, near Astor Place.


I thought it was strange to see a Wanted poster hanging inside our building. But it turns out this building is what the man (allegedly) robbed. Do we have the budget for an intern security guard?