In Ayurvedic medicine body types are grouped into three main categories, or doshas: vata, pitta, and kappa. Your dosha is determined by how quickly you anger and metabolize, which foods you seek out and eschew, etc. It's not going to be able to predict your blood pressure or heart rate, but determining your dosha can be a great DIY diagnostic exercise; however, I sometimes I wish there were a similar system to help calculate the rate at which & style in which we think and consequently express ourselves. Something like a time signature for our brains. I've known whippet-thin people with giant metabolisms who talk exceedingly ritardando. And vice versa. Obviously, drugs like caffeine and alcohol will duly play their part in affecting the way in which we think and hence communicate, but I'm interested in exactly what basal rpm is going on in my brain--and yours! So my question to you is: if your brain had a time signature, what would it be? And to extend it further--to your soul, if you will--what what your key signature be?