Caption Contest Winner!

David K. Israel

The results have been tallied from our first caption contest and we have our winner! A hearty congrats to Scott, who entered: "I thought it said all geniuses welcome. That says genuses!"

Kudos Scott! Your caption really captures the spirit of the caption contest. It's not only witty, it also shows you weren't snoozing through biology class! (And if you were, well you fooled us.) Head on over to our store and pick a t-shirt and make sure to let us know how we can be in touch with you to get your shipping details.

Mazel tov to all our finalists, especially Ed Hands who came in a very close second with: "And THIS is why you never put your business card in the "˜free cruise giveaway' bowl at the Chinese buffet"¦" Hi-larity.

I'll be back next week with the next cartoon. Meanwhile, here's a sneak preview to whet your pork chops.

pigtease.jpg /