When fonts take over


Because movies are such a star-driven medium, a lot of movie posters blindly follow suit: you Photoshop the lead actors' heads into the sky, probably superimposed over an evocative landscape (if it's a chick flick) or an explosion (if it's a dude flick), then slap the title of the movie and the date it's coming out in there somewhere, some gushing quote from a local-rag nobody about it being the "best (genre) of the (season)," and you've got yourself a movie poster!

But wait a sec -- stop the large-format printers! -- before you start stripping heads and pasting them into skies, there's another breed of movie poster out there; it strives to be simple and iconic at the same time, it doesn't rely on faces, and it makes font nerds everywhere salivate. (We know you're out there -- just check out the passionate responses to this post by Higgins and this one from David. You people love fonts!) A great hot-off-the-presses example is pictured above: the movie (27 Dresses) is a rom-com starring Knocked Up's Katherine Heigl that'll be coming out sometime in January, about a woman who fashions herself a magic dress made of words. (Kidding! But it's a cool poster, no?)



stranger_than_fiction_ver3.jpg /
malcomx.jpg /
little_miss_sunshine.jpg /
illusionist_ver2.jpg /
simpsons-movie-poster-0.jpg /

There are certainly great ones I haven't mentioned -- what are your favorite font-tastic posters?