With the 536th Comment...

Jason English
BeverlyCleary.JPG /

...Sarah miraculously guessed Beverly Cleary. That means this Ridiculous Board Game is over. As you can see, she's the author Mangesh selected and depicted on the board (compare this with the actual Ramona Forever cover).

Not only did this installment receive the most comments ever (836 and counting), we had a virtual dead heat. Four minutes later "“ with comment #545 "“ Tracie also went with Beverly Cleary. If I were Tracie, that would ruin my day. And since we're not in the day-ruining business, I'm going to make a one-time exception to our stringent rules and call it a tie.

I'll be in touch to arrange the trophy presentations.

In the meantime, we still owe someone else a t-shirt from last week's edition ("tell us your hilarious idea for a fake board game"). InternStacy is in town and we're headed to lunch, meaning I won't be able to go through all the entries until later. So, let's just extend that deadline until midnight tonight, keeping your shirt-winning hope alive.