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Friday Happy Hour: Technical Difficulties

Jason English

My computer died yesterday. My two-month-old MacBook. It was a hard drive crash, and it was sudden and demoralizing.

At 9:30 this morning, a data recovery expert will attempt to resuscitate. Fingers crossed. All those emails and songs and nifty Firefox extensions! I could go on all morning.

But I better not. Don't let me bring this party down. We can take more photos of Bailey, and next time we can back them up.

BaileyPillows.jpg /

And even if the last chapter of my digital life has been erased, what are you going to do? My computer failure probably pales in comparison to stories you've heard or nightmares you've lived through. For today's installment in our Friday Happy Hour series, let's talk about digital disasters. What happened? What deadlines were missed? What relationships were ruined? How'd you take out your aggression?

Note: I'm tying this blog entry on our 2004 Dell Inspiron, which has had a good run but is showing its age. Halfway through, this happened:

flippedscreen.jpg /

I need to take some time off from the computer world.