Weekend Genius Challenge #3 winner


It looks like our weekenders had a bit of fun with our latest Genius Challenge. Congratulations to Andrew, who won a T-shirt for being the first to correctly figure out this week's "Skewed Clues." For those who missed it, the challenge was to figure out the U.S. state names being referred to in these clues:

1. lbs. of laundry?
2. pirate of know return?
3. Ritter's posterior?
5. no more mining?
6. Harry, for 3/4 yr.
7. graphite in the blood?
8. dirty player's need?
9. Flash's plea?
10. put to bed by Barb's beau?
11. remember it?
12. a shade about nothing?


1. Washington (washing a ton of laundry)
2. Arkansas (Arrr! said the pirate + band Kansas who recorded "Point of Know Return")
3. Texas (Tex Ritter's posterior would be his... well, you know.)
4. Illinois (ILL inside the letters OIS)
5. Oregon (no more mining if all the ore is gon)
6. Indiana (yep, Prince Harry was in Diana for nine months)
7. Pennsylvania (graphite pencil, in your blood or vein-ya)
8. New Jersey (a dirty player would need a new jersey)
9. Wyoming (Flash Gordon might plea Why, O Ming?)
10. Kentucky (Barbie's Ken + putting you to bed, tucky)
11. Maine (Remember... the Alamo? No, the Maine)
12. Colorado (shade = color, plus Much Ado About Nothing)

And there you have it. Thanks to everyone who played!