iTunes U Expands

Chris Higgins

We covered the launch of iTunes U in May, pointing to a body of free educational content delivered via the iTunes Store. Recently, iTunes expanded "beyond campus" to feature content from partners including Smithsonian Global Sound, KQED, American Public Media, and the Museum of Modern Art.

The new content is accessible from the iTunes U landing page (this is an iTunes link -- if you want to access it from your own iTunes program, just click the iTunes U link in the upper left corner of the iTunes Music Store home page). There's a bunch of free content here, much of which may be useful for teachers -- some content includes downloadable discussion points and transcripts. Students (and general lovers of learning like readers of this blog...) will find lots of great lectures on a broad range of topics.

Some best bets: KQED Science Coverage (lots of video and audio), American Public Media - Einstein's Ethics from Speaking of Faith (also check out the larger APM Philosophy & Ethics section), and David Lynch on Creativity, Consciousness, and the Brain.

There's even some great free musical content on iTunes U. From Duke's "Student Life" section, there's an album of jazz covers of popular songs (including songs by Radiohead, James, and Britney Spears) performed by The Pulsar Triyo. See also: The Folkways Collection from the Smithsonian.

Do you have favorite educational content on iTunes U, or elsewhere on the web? Post tips in the comments!