Ridiculous Board Games: The Winner

Jason English

When my computer quit on me last week, the last thing I wanted to think about was picking a winner in the Ridiculous Board Games t-shirt contest. So I fired up an old laptop and passed the buck to three friends who happened to be on IM.

And finally, after receiving a series of nagging text messages, my guest judges have come to a consensus. The winner of a brand new mental_floss t-shirt is...

Janet from Virginia!

Title: What did the Dog/Cat eat? Object: Guess what the dog/cat ate by looking through the vomit, guess the most correct answers and get to the vet first, YOU WIN Steps: 1. Players choose owner pawn to move 2. Opposing player selects a vomit card and shows the player the picture 3. Player guesses objects eaten and moves ahead as many spaces as objects guessed correctly 4. Read squares for additionally moves Squares include: "¢ Pet re-ate vomit before you could clean it up. Move back 2 spaces. "¢ Not all of whatever that is came back up. Move back one space. "¢ Pet threw up all and is happy. Move ahead 2 spaces. "¢ Vomit was only on the kitchen floor "“ easy clean up. Move ahead 1 space. First player to get your pet to the vet wins! Testimonial: "I play the live version of this game weekly, thanks to a cat named Scooby and a dog named Kaylee. It makes for great laughs and good fun." "“Janet in Virginia

Janet is not new to the winner's circle. Back in June, she placed second in our "count my change" contest, earning free admission to our Law School in a Box (currently out of stock). We'll be in touch about adding a t-shirt to your trophy case. Thanks to everyone who played -- a lot of heated debate went into this decision. The profanity-laced kind.