From The Mailbag...


Q. It says here on your website that you have a bi-monthly magazine (Editor's note: we do =====>). I'd like to pick up a newsstand copy before I commit to subscribing. Do you have a list of places mental_floss magazine is sold?

A. I don't have a list handy, so let's build one together. To add a little incentive, we'll turn this into an impromptu mental_floss t-shirt giveaway.

If you've seen mental_floss magazine for sale on a newsstand, in a bookstore, or somewhere entirely different, leave a comment telling us where.

Here's the win-a-shirt part:

pluto2.jpg /

2) We've also written down one specific comment number -- we'll call it x. The person who leaves comment number x also wins a shirt.

3) A virtual thumbs-up will be awarded for the most obscure location, provided it's true. (Our thumbs will remain firmly neutral for all fictional locations.) OK, we'll throw in a free t-shirt, too.

If you're hoping to better your odds, you can name up to five places that stock mental_floss (in separate comments to increase your chances of landing on the magic x). Let the list-building begin.

By the way, when you are ready to subscribe, go here.