Pogue's Imponderables

Chris Higgins

New York Times technology columnist David Pogue has been keeping a list of unanswered (though not necessarily unanswerable) questions. Pogue writes: "Some of them are answerless because nobody knows the answer. Some may have answers, but only industry insiders know what they are. And still others are answerless because they're incendiary hot-button issues, and there's no consensus."

Here are some of my favorites:

Who are the morons who respond to junk-mail offers, thereby keeping spammers in business? How are we going to preserve all of our digital photos and videos for future generations? Why do you have to take tape camcorders out of your carry-on at airport security, but not the tapeless kind? Couldn't you hide a bomb equally well in either one? (Actually, I have about 500 more logic questions about the rules at airport security, but I have a feeling they'll remain answerless for a very long time.) Why don't public sinks have foot pedals? Why don't all hotels have check-in kiosks like airlines do? Why aren't there recycling bins for bottles and cans where they're most obviously needed, like food courts and cafeterias? Why are so many people rude on the Internet?

I'm sure you have your own list of imponderables -- ponder on in the comments.

(Via Kottke.org.)