On Monday, we asked people to help us create a list of places mental_floss magazine is sold. You came through. We also said we'd give away t-shirts to a few lucky contributors.

unknown-3.jpg"¢ We picked a number at random (as you can see on the Post-it Note, #112). Our first winner is the person whose comment number matched. Congrats to Zack, who has seen the mag at Barnes & Noble in Shelby Township, MI.

"¢ Our second winner would have been the person who picked our secret location (we chose The Regulator Bookshop on Ninth Street in Durham, NC). Unfortunately, nobody got this one.

"¢ We also said we'd award a t-shirt for the most obscure location. I'm not seeing a ton of crazy places. So let's keep the contest going. Tell us other places you can buy mental_floss, and you'll have two more chances to win a free t-shirt:

1) We'll pick another lucky number.
2) The most obscure place wins.

Unless there are any questions, let's begin. (Leave your comments here, not under the original post.)

[And if you don't want to play our silly games but still want mental_floss merchandise, you can subscribe to the magazine or buy yourself some t-shirts.]